Prof. Slamin

(Prof., Drs.,Dip.Sc.,M.Comp.Sc.,Ph.D.,AFTICA)

Prof. Slamin is a Professor in Graph Theory at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Jember, Indonesia. He awarded Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degree from The University of Newcastle Australia in 2002. Since 2017 Prof. Slamin was entrusted with becoming the President of the Indonesian Combinatorial Society (InaCombS) in two period (2017 – 2022). His managerial experiences in Higher Education Institution are including the Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Jember, and since 2020 he has appointed as Vice Rector for Academic, Student and Alumni Affairs in the same university. Prof. Slamin published more than 90 papers in graph theory in international journals and presented more than 50 papers in graph theory at international conferences and seminars including in Australia, America, Pakistan, Malaysia, Spain, Slovakia, Korea, Poland, India, UAE and USA. Prof. Slamin is also an Editor of some international scientific journals.